What is your retirement plan if you can’t sell your business?

If you want to exit your business in the next 5 years & you don’t have a plan, you’re taking a huge risk!

BDC has warned of a tidal wave coming of business owners wanting to retire, & recent research shows:

  • Only 10% (1 in 10) small/medium companies sell as plannedfor their full value
  • Over 40% of business owners plan to exit in the next 5 years, creating an over-supply & a “buyers market”
  • 85-90% of the average business owner’s net worth is tied up in their business
  • 2/3 of small businesses are just closed when the owner retires
  • 80% of businesses put up for sale don’t sell
  • Of the remaining 20% of businesses that do sell, the average sales price is 1/2 of what the owner thought it was worth

MExit series of interviews

It’s not just about Money – Coming soon…

Two plans strategy – Coming soon…

MExit is how you maximize the value of your exit!

The most value is created before the deal, not in the deal!

MExit™ Inc. is how you maximize the value of your exit. It is an executive advisory service that empowers business owners to proactively expand their options to extract the most value when they exit their business; having the legacy you truly want. MExit supports the 3 critical stages in a business transformation to new ownership

  • Maximize Value – creating the greatest value for sellers well before the transaction, by consciously preparing the business for maximum extractable value & providing the most exit options.
  • Transact for Value – ensuring sellers keep the most post-tax dollars by selecting & acting on the best exit opportunity.
  • Transfer Value – transforming the organization for buyers to the next level of performance by aligning their new leadership team to grow a sustainable, thriving business.

Our First Season Guests

Iggy Domagalski

CEO at Tundra Process Solutions

Kenneth Keung 

Director at Moodys Tax Law LLP

Jeremy Hayward

President at Solüt

Elizabeth MacRae

Co-Founder – President, Certified Exit Planner

John Higgins

CEO / Director / Coach / Mentor

Milt Tsiapalis

Principal at TWD

Mitchell Lobb

Zelos Capital Ltd.

Brittney Ramsay, Dayna Morgan, and Breanne Ramsay


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