ideas for your online communication

These are just some of the solutions we can use to improve your online marketing for different moments and changing realities. We’ve put each into the context of the problems they solved. Of course, each business or institution is unique, but an overview of potential tools can help you find the ideal solution. The next step is to talk about your reality.

product release or highlight

Campaign release video – to let the audience knows about upcoming releases.

Ad 1 – created for YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook campaigns. All product footage was recorded in our studio.

Ad 2 – approaching a different target audience from video 1.

protecting the content

Sometimes it’s difficult for people to understand the concepts behind your product or service. There is no one better than you to explain it, but you can’t spend all your time on that. For this kind of situation, you can create a library of videos that clients and interested viewers can watch and share to their hearts’ content.

An easy way to create a video library is to use segments of an interview that address different areas of your organization or frequently asked questions. It couldn’t be simpler to share the whole library or individual videos with your clients.

from video podcast to online course

The path from a podcast to course

1 – Provide your audience with information they need through a high-quality video podcast.

2 – Build a reputation online.

3 – Utilize social media marketing.

4 – Develop a community of followers.

5 – Produce high-quality and interactive video classes.

6 – Launch the courses.

Have an idea for a video podcast? Let’s connect!

Use your passion and expertise to start a conversation with your audience. If you are a specialist and want to spread your innovative ideas, bring your content and we’ll provide you with all the infrastructure to create and grow your online community.

YouTube channel engaging a student community

This channel was made to bring a school community together online and keep them informed. Connecting with viewers on a personal level made this project grow. Starting from zero, they hit 150 subscribers in three months.

We developed their first videos to get the ball rolling and the community has used the structure we gave them to continue creating their own.

The goal was to use YouTube and social media platforms to build a community of shared interest. The project had the potential to increase online interaction between schools and families. The school division encourages community members to participate by subscribing or creating their own videos.

Instead of an overly corporate video, try an animation or documentary-style

Animation is a creative way to make your content more fun and engaging.

This video is part of a series of technical videos developed for McKay Métis and Fort McKay First Nation.

Skip the PowerPoint or PDF and use a captivating video instead. Your audience will thank you.