The Future of Teaching and Learning Program.
We will look at a broad range of issues surrounding teaching and learning in higher education. Challenges, threats and opportunities offered by technology in higher education are explored; the role of higher education in economic recovery, health, environment and climate change, financial system and global affairs is discussed.
An ever-changing environment.
We get a close look at how higher education create dynamic shift in mindset that reshape our society; while constantly reinventing itself through the evolution of teaching and learning environment in different parts of the world to adapt to the needs, new demands and challenges of the society; and how professors and students relentlessly adapt to this ever changing environment.
Specific first season on COVID-19.
Education has been the cornerstone of society from the beginning, weathering everything from the brutal transformational changes to disruptive technology and recently the covid 19 pandemics. In our first season, we are trying to understand how higher education has weathered the covid 19 pandemic, bringing to you the perspectives of three distinguished professors at Mount Royal University.

1st Season - The Impact of COVID-19 in Hight Education

Introduction - Jacqueline Musabende, MSc, PhD, PMP

Episode 1 - Dr. Aliyah Dosani, PhD

Episode 2 - Dr. Felix Nwaishi, PhD

Episode 3 - Dr. Faith-Michael Uzoka, PhD

Guest Speakers


Jacqueline Musabende, MSc, Ph.D., PMP

Assistant Professor – International Business
Public Financial Management Advisor – International Monetary Fund
Bissett School of Business


Mount Royal University
4825 Mount Royal Gate SW
Calgary, Alberta, Canada
T3E 6K6