online video communication

Do you want to get the best results from your social media? How about professional videos. 

We can film at your space or in our studio over 1 day and deliver 4 sequences for posts and stories edited and 10 pictures. 

Let us surprise you…

how we work

  1. We research your market;
  2. Design the best solution based on online video;
  3. Create the scripts;
  4. Produce all videos and photos at your space or in our studio;
  5. Edit or stream;
  6. Develop or improve your social media, website and landing pages. 


why and how to use videos on your social media

Video will show the potential of your products and services and make clear the concepts behind them. What we do is shine your products and services and transform concepts into quick stories that people will love to watch.

Video Link

The best way for people to mention your product or service is by sending a video link. These people can be happy customers, representatives, employees, etc.

Story Telling

A “how-to video” might be more than just a cold description of how things work. People love stories. So, I bet if you click on this add above, you will watch it until the end.

YouTube Experience

How often did you go to YouTube to watch a video before to buy a product or service? Your first contact with your potential client probably will be from your social media and website. Let’s give you an excellent first impression.

Retention Rate

Instead of propaganda, let’s tell a story. The video above is the teaser of a mini-documentary. Of course, the client could develop a corporate video to talk about the same content, but probably, its retention rate would be way less. 

Unsure about what formats to produce and how? We can chat about your case. However, to record testimonies in our studio, to film your product or space, and edit a set of video snippets for your social media or website is way more straightforward than you can imagine.

case studies

Cross-platform project

Whether for product or service, we can create all videos and photos needed for your social media campaign, website, and landing page, helping you target your audience, create a community, and convert it into clients.

video library

This video makes part of a library that helps the company describes their treatments’ concepts and methods to clients and potential clients.

video podcast

If you are a specialist and aim to spread your innovative ideas, bring your content and we’ll provide you all the infrastructure to create and grow your online community. So let’s be partners on that.

VIDEOLAB is one of the KAZAK GOC companies,  a Canadian holding that includes Management, DoB and Partnerships with several businesses, including EnergyLab Sports and AeroLab Tech. KAZAK also supports non-profit organizations like Hope Air, Brown Bag Lunch and Jumpstart Program, in conjunction with FGL Sports.